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3 Reasons Why I write:

The humble Fern. At ElectroFern, we use this as a testament. Sometimes beauty is subtle, humble, and quiet.

Technology is constantly changing.

Every year, new technologies evolve through innovation. It’s important to keep up with new trends. Also, to keep up with new technologies and innovations. Writing involves doing research most of the time. This helps keep me in the loop on new changes in the industries I’m writing about.

Oftentimes, it gets confusing for casual readers. So, I teach people how it should be taught: simple and to the point. No huge words, no personal agendas. Just facts.

Youtube videos are too inaccessible

There are too many videos out there. Need an answer? You’re going to end up looking through countless videos to find your answer. This is impractical in today’s environments. Especially since we are busy human beings. We need to tend to other things. I hope to bridge this gap by making popular topics easy to digest and find.

And they are long. It’s tough when you need one answer. Instead, you get a thousand answers. That’s why I write. To make specific information more accessible and easily findable.

Today’s website articles and posts are outdated.

You’ll find outdated content anytime you do research on a topic. That’s a problem I hope to get rid of. I’m hoping my content can replace a lot of older, outdated content. That way, newer content may be available when you need it. And, your solutions will be delivered when you need it. That’s the goal.

With that said, if you have a topic in mind, I take suggestions. I’m here to serve you. I love writing