A Reflection Poem On Life

Reflection Doubt menothing newquick to judgeno chance hate mehowfor existingno reason like mefeels goodappreciate itso kind love mespecialJoyI keep going don’t acknowledge medon’t look at menever rests, standsabandoned near my bed my reflection took an oathan unspoken tunewhen everyone is goneI would be alone I believedeverything elsewas more importantthan myself

Poem About My Heart

A shooting starwhen I met youwe tried so hardWe fell apartfrom the start I can’t walkI said I’ll stayIt’s loveI’m trueto my heartto your heart To mineand your heart

Poem Tomorrow Is Another Day

Stressabout what tomorrow bringsshoulders wearychest heavy Breakrest your eyesinto the nightlessy worry I’m sorryIt’s not easyRest easyfind calm Live oncedon’t stresslook forwardand look out

The Road Rage Poem

I’m not good enoughThe past hauntsretired loversno competitors you’ve seen it allsomething specialis it me? Jealousyyour walk, your talkconfidence Your temperinsecureI want to feelyour lovenot your rage

Poem Changes In Life

Why do you love meafter all I’ve put you throughyou could leave mebut why didn’t you?why did you stay? I’ve made promises to youI’ve said a lot of thingsSome promises I couldn’t keep I’m no goodI hurt youFired away I’m ready to changeto make things newbut did you stayno — you left

The Poem Special Someone

I once thought I was specialI thought good things would happen to meI thought good deeds would fill my mindBecause I’d feel good insideit wasn’t true I’m not specialnot everything in my life is goodI’m not a saintperhaps the only thing that is left safeis my uncorrupted heart

The Farmer’s Love Poem

Lost and confusedWhat I fix I loseI can’t find the screws Raised to solve problemsbut can’t solve mine The future tremblesWhat to believeme or defeat a soldier through the warplaying the game, pushing through painwhere did that bring me? A farmercreating gardens and flowersthat later light in flames