Can You Request a Specific Uber Car Driver in Advance?

Last week, you got a great driver. This driver was extremely accommodating and made the trip luxurious and pleasant.

This week, you found yourself a shitty Uber driver. It makes you wonder, “is it possible to request your own drivers?”

The quick answer is: no. There’s no way to request a driver.

The only loop hole that I know of is intentionally grabbing the driver’s contact information, and communicating with the driver. Unlike UberEats, UberX (etc.) grabs the closest driver in the moment you request a ride.

Theoretically, if your driver is the closest to you, you may receive that driver. However, this also means the driver is not getting paid for the trip to you.

As you can see, there’s no easy way to pick your own driver. It’s best to let the system do its thing.

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