Will Uber Eats Deliver Cigarettes?

You’re asking one of the greatest questions the internet has to offer. Will Uber Eats Deliver Cigarettes? It’s unfortunate how much Uber seems to hate cigarettes here. According to their website, these items are prohibited from the service: Nicotine and tobacco (including vaping products, chewing tobacco, rolling papers, ZYN products and hookahs) Medical equipment and … Read more

Will Uber Eats Deliver Alcohol to me?

So, you’re craving some alcohol. Rest assured, you’re in the right place. Will Uber Eats Deliver Alcohol? The simple answer is, of course. Where is the alcohol coming from? The alcohol comes from one of a few places: Bevmo, or any other retailer A restaurant A small liquor store A convenience store such as Circle … Read more

How Do You Know When Uber Arrives?

Wondering how you know when the Uber arrives? Well, it’s as easy as checking your app. How to Know When Uber Arrives Uber will notify you via app that your driver is waiting outside. This is usually the first point of contact for you. After, you have a few minutes to get outside before Uber starts charging you … Read more

Why isn’t Uber Accepting My Insurance?

Uber isn’t accepting your insurance? Here are the correct steps to verify if your insurance is good to go: Your vehicle is listed. Make sure you’re sending the right document with the vehicle listed clearly. Make Model VIN Your name is listed. Ensure your name is visible in the insurance document you’re sending. However, it’s common for … Read more

Does Your Uber Acceptance Rate Matter?

Does your Uber acceptance rate matter? This is the famous question that never gets an answer from the Uber team themselves. They don’t want you to know the truth. Essentially, Uber acceptance rate does matter. It might seem like it doesn’t. But, it does. Note Uber doesn’t deactivate you for having a horrible acceptance rate. However, your … Read more

Do You Pay Uber With Cash or Card?

So, you’re trying to pay for either UberX or UberEats. Do they take cash or card? Do You Pay Uber With Cash or Card? Sorry to make you sad. Uber does not take cash. Since cash is hard to track financially, Uber does not allow payments in this way. They only accept debit or credit card. Feel … Read more

UberEats Drivers Abusing Prop 22 in California

Ubereats driver driving food to customer for food delivery.

Delivery drivers everywhere in California are feeling the heat as gas prices has sorn to higher heights than ever. Thanks to Prop 22, California drivers are paid much better than before. There was an anonymous tip dropped in our email. Apparently, there are drivers out there abusing the system in order to get more pay … Read more

UberEats Low Acceptance Rates Affect Work

Not looking good for UberEats drivers. UberEats low acceptance rates affect work for thousands of drivers. Why is UberEats Punishing Drivers For Low Acceptance Ratings? For years, drivers have been delivering for UberEats. Being one of the old school delivery apps out there, UberEats was known for not paying out much. PostMates later was bought … Read more