Does Your Uber Acceptance Rate Matter?

Does your Uber acceptance rate matter?

This is the famous question that never gets an answer from the Uber team themselves. They don’t want you to know the truth.

Essentially, Uber acceptance rate does matter. It might seem like it doesn’t. But, it does.

Note Uber doesn’t deactivate you for having a horrible acceptance rate. However, your competitive advantage over other UberEats drivers decreases.

Also note that Uber and UberEats are two separate services.

  • Uber acceptance rate doesn’t matter. This will not affect your ability to get trip requests. I will explain this down below.
  • UberEats acceptance rate matters significantly. Meaning, having a higher acceptance rate increases your chances of getting an offer over other drivers with a less competitive acceptance rate.

When Does Uber Acceptance Rate Reset?

The Uber acceptance rate resets every 30 days. But, it doesn’t happen the way you think.

Rather, a declined or accepted offer only lasts 30 days. As a result, accepted and declined offers are dropped over time if they are 30 days or older.

Does Acceptance Rate Affect Uber

Yes, it actually does. But only for UberEats.

Uber doesn’t want to answer this question directly. If you ask the support team they will say the system automatically assigns offers and they don’t know how it does it.

Uber’s offer assignment system is supposedly using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to assign UberEats orders to those with promising results.

According to Uber in-app when asked about why acceptance rate matters:

High acceptance rates mean shorter wait times for customers and shorter pickup times for all drivers, so you can spend more time on trip, earning.

Uber avoids mentioning the consequences of a low acceptance rate. They rather tell you why it’s a great idea.

So, a quick personal story.

I’ve been an UberEats driver for years. It’s treated me so well in my local area I began to do it full time. It gave me the flexibility to focus on school.

And, I moved out an got an apartment. Everything was great.

But, I started to become picky with my orders.

Over time, Uber stopped sending me orders. As a result I was unable to fulfill my obligations and pay rent for a few months.

Constant phone calls and chats with Uber tech team led to nothing. They simply advised your account is functioning properly. We have no control of how the system assigns orders.

After asking what I can do to improve my chances of getting orders again I was advised, “I would accept everything.” Mind you, this was after weeks and weeks of pressing on this.

I started working overnights when I knew there was nobody awake. I got 11 orders that night, from midnight to 5 AM.

I worked overnights with UberEats for a week straight. Later that week my acceptance rate and cancellation rate improved dramatically.

I stopped cancelling orders. I dropped my cancellation to 0%. I accepted everything overnight. Now, I had more orders than my picky friends. 

But, with due time, I started becoming picky again. And, 5 days before the health stipend period was going to end, reality hit:

The UberEats ancient drivers woke up.

I had no orders for 4 weeks straight.

Conclusion: BOTH acceptance rate and cancellation rate matters!

How to Fix Uber Acceptance Rate

Like my story above, you have to increase the amount of offers you are given.

  1. Find a time during the day or night. Preferably a time where there isn’t a lot of competition. You know competition is high if you’re having difficulty finding orders.
  2. Do as many orders as you can. Accept them all, even the bad ones. If you’re trying to fix your Uber acceptance rate, you need to stop being picky.
  3. Once you get consistent orders, slowly become more picky. You need to find the perfect balance. If you accept too little, you may get no offers at all. If you accept too much, you may be getting screwed over by Uber. If you accept just the right amount of orders (for example, anything over $8 or $0.5 a mile) it’s possible you’ll plateau to the point where you’re getting enough orders to make it through the month.

What is a Good Uber Acceptance Rate

There is no good Uber acceptance rate, unfortunately.

  • Good Uber acceptance rate is highly relative to the time of the year. If you’re closer to a time where more drivers are active, you will need a higher acceptance rate. When you’re driving at a time when driver quantities are slumping, you are at an advantage no matter the percentage.
  • This applies for UberEats acceptance rate only. Uber (driving people around) acceptance rate does not matter, as offer allocation is based on distance between rider and driver primarily.

How to Check Uber Acceptance Rate

In order to check the Uber Acceptance Rate:

  1. Click the button with 3 lines in the top-left corner.
  2. Click your name in the top left corner again
  3. Choose rides or Choose deliveries at the top.

Now, you can see cancellation and acceptance rates for either rides or deliveries.

Note: acceptance rate differs between rides and deliveries.


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