How Can I Listen to My Husband’s Cell Phone Conversations

I’m writing this post out of boredom (just kidding).

Someone emailed me and asked me this question. It’s a strange question to answer on media. However, I did make a promise to you all to be honest and raw when it comes to answering all questions.

So, let’s dive into this weird subject.

How Can I Listen to My Husband’s Cell Phone Conversations?

Here are my life decision making rules:

  1. Make decisions that won’t harm or hurt anyone else in the process.
  2. Make decisions based on good faith and hard work.

Listening to your husband’s cell phone conversations is invasion of privacy. But, it is more curious of a thought to wonder why you want to listen to your husband’s cell phone conversations to begin with.

Is He Cheating?

What is your husband doing that makes you uncomfortable to the point you need to listen to his cell phone conversations? I am curious. Of course, I’m not going to judge you. You must have your reasons. Perhaps the first step is to confront him and ask if he’s having conversations with other women.

The Truth About Listening In

Truth is, it’s not that easy. Unless you want to listen in from a distance with a spy ear product.

Listening in to your husband means listening to his dialogue during the phone call. You need to be in the same room or in the same 100 foot radius of your husband. This is impractical in today’s possible applications.

Check Your Phone Bill

Your phone provider should give you more leads. You may be able to stalk your husband’s messages to see if the perpetrator was messaged at least once by someone you don’t want talking to him. This is perhaps the best way to receive a confirmation that your husband is up to no good. At least one message may do you enough good to accuse him and stop here.

The Sad Reality

You can’t magically listen in to a conversation that your husband is having. Unless, he’s having it on the house phone.

You’re going to have to suck it up by admitting defeat. Either toughen up and have that conversation with your husband. Or, make an even harsher decision of what you want out of this marriage or relationship because trying to sneak around your husband’s back is pretty messed up. Especially when it ends up he’s doing nothing wrong. And if he is, he needs to be more honest and upfront about his lack of faith in the marriage or relationship. If he can’t do that, why are you with him?

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