How to Make Money Online: What They Don’t Tell You


I have a confession to make. For years, ever since I was 12, I would search the internet, “how to make money online.” I wanted badly to figure out how I could make a passive income without putting in much physical effort.

I was unfortunately at a loss.

What the world doesn’t tell you is there’s no free way to do anything. Everything costs something, even making money online. Now, let me give you an example by letting you know legit ways to make money online:

  1. Pick up freelance work online
  2. A great place to do annoying tasks for a few pennies at a time.
  3. Start a blog, monetize it, and/or become an affiliate.
  4. Take surveys and get some change cash.
  5. Sell your stuff on Etsy, ebay, Mercari, Poshmark, etc.
  6. Start a YouTube and get some advertising revenue
  7. Become an Instagram Influencer
  8. Food Delivery
  9. Etc.

And the list goes on and on…

What they don’t tell you is you’re just a pawn from the get-go. By choosing to search, “how to make money online,” you’re already potentially giving search traffic to someone else. Somebody is teaching you to do something unoriginal. Something that everyone is doing already. You’re nothing more than a piece of traffic that they admire because it keeps them paid.

Now, I’ll admit. A lot of this stuff mentioned above are legit. However, there’s a reason they’re recommending these types of services. To be frank, it’s mostly because it’s a competitive market. And it’s hard to know exactly what market or niche to enter to make realistic money.

If you’re thinking about, don’t even waste your time. A few cents for a few minutes of your time. A total waste unless you have software to help automate tasks. Even then, this is not feasible.

Freelance work online doesn’t sound like a horrible idea. Selling your stuff online doesn’t sound bad either. But that’s not the point.

You don’t realize the difficulty of doing these things. And I’m hoping this post will wake you up into what’s to come. For one, most markets are already saturated and it’s going to be difficult to know where to start and where to turn.

Trust me. I’ve been doing these crap jobs and stupid reviews since I was 12 (I’m almost 30 now). It’s still not getting any easier. Other people are making money off of you. And, you’re beating yourself up for little gain.

The reality is most “make money online” schemes are making way more money from you based on advertisements alone. And, in return, you are being paid pennies for your minutes of effort. This is a cyclic cycle that feeds itself. These posers are not allowed, according to Google, to tell you to click on ads. That would breach their contracts with Google and thus would cut their Adsense incomes. However, they keep you in their system by paying themselves and thus paying you with their incomes. At the end of the day, you are happy and they are happy. Everyone’s happy.

This is slave labor. The internet is full of slave labor.

Every once in a while there are some that make it out and build an empire. But, the difficulty to do such a task is beyond comprehension. It is far too difficult to do exactly what everyone else is doing. Else, who would really be making money here?

“If you’re helping everyone, are you really helping anybody?” The answer is no. You’re not helping anybody. Not even yourself. You’re only helping the gatekeepers that are leading you through the gate. The gate towards wasting your time. And having them be paid.

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