How to Make Passive Income Realistically

I used to write articles all of the time. I would put a lot of research into topics to eventually build a 2000-word blog post / article. However, it’s not until years later that I realized it isn’t as easy as I at first thought.

Go on youtube and search, “how to make money writing articles.” You’ll find dozens of failed gurus that madeĀ some money but not enough to get rich off of. I say failed gurus because there’s an obvious reason why they turned to youtube.

The greatest market today is teaching others that don’t know. People get really hyped up when you promise them results. In fact, the majority of people do not find results. Rather, they give up as they combat piles of resistance.

These gurus are smart. They could be teaching you about any industry or specific market. And trust me, they were in this business long before anyone knew. Or, they just started and are following in on the hype of teaching others because it’s super profitable. But there’s a problem. Once they start teaching you, it’s because it’s an increasingly resistive, competitive market.

Ask any business person how they feel about competitive markets. It’s pretty cut throat. You’re trying to make a profit. But, so are others, too. You’re not the only person in the world anymore. There are others trying to do exactly what you’re doing. And that’s the problem the business person doesn’t like. So, business people — so-called entrepreneurs — ride businesses to the ground and know exactly where they screwed up. And, they’ll sooner or later start another business again where there is no competition.

As an investor, I’ve learned a thing or two about competition. For one, as competition arises so does popularity. But, when the competition is low, the market is unexplored and not easy to decipher whether or not their is money.

The majority of people that want to make money are looking in the wrong places. Yes, it’s a good learning experience to try something and later fail. If someone were to yell “there’s gold over here”, of course you should go. You’ll get something out of it. However, what is uncertain is we don’t know if it’s still profitable or not.

I will say this, though. The ones who build empires knew it before anyone else did. Think of Apple. Or Paypal before it blew up and got popular. Or Google when nobody could do it right. The key is to be original and stop doing what everyone else is doing. Because, if you want to make a permanent business and earn a great passive income, you have to be original. Authentic. And, you need to come to your own conclusions. Instead of following others.

All in all, youtube gurus know this. They are simply using your interest in their favor to earn a passive income. They know competition is high and fierce. That’s why they moved to youtube. To make some money having to lead you to believe there’s still huge lumps of gold.

If you want to make passive income you have to do something without competition. Or, with very little competition. This is why the internet is an awesome place. There’s a lot of businesses to run online. However, it’s becoming extremely saturated and difficult to be general. To make it on the internet you have to narrow in on a niche of your liking.

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