How to Stop Being Clingy

It’s a remarkable realization knowing you’re clingy. But, is it necessarily a bad thing?

Well, sort of. Not really. But, you’ve possibly recognized it’s a problem (it really isn’t to me). Nonetheless, if you’re here it’s because you want to stop being clingy.

What does it mean to be clingy? Simply, you have a need to be around your partner constantly and without end. Of course, do note being clingy is relative. If your partner simply isn’t keeping up with your cling, it makes sense you’re called clingy. Hence, this is why I don’t like this topic. But, I also know plenty about it.

Without further ado, here’s how to stop being clingy if you’re so inclined.

How to Stop Being Clingy

Accept it’s an issue.

In just about anything in life, you need to accept the problem is there in order to learn how to remove it from your life.

Being clingy often times results from being anxious, insecure, or self-doubtful about self worth or the future with the person in question (the one you’re clinging onto). If your partner is being clingy, the same applies for that person.

Being clung onto someone is a problem. In theory, every person needs to go to work. Everyone needs to eat. People have lives. Clinging onto someone is taking their person out of their own lives and sticking them onto yours.

Accept your clinginess is an issue. It’ll make the next few steps a lot easier.

Talk to your partner about it.

The strangest thing about clingy people is how they don’t talk about it to their partner. Your partner’s opinion seems to matter most to you. So, why not bring the parade to them in the first place? It just doesn’t happen in today’s standards. Or, if it does, there’s no proper communication about it.

Speaking to your partner about it ensures your voice is heard. Also, it helps you understand your partner better. After all, who likes being called clingy. It doesn’t make sense to clingy people. Or rather it won’t always be a clear name.

Take some time to focus on yourself.

A part of healing from being clingy is learning to be by yourself. This means not being clingy for a time being. Stay away from your partner. Go do your own thing. Learn something new. Find other hobbies that keep you busy away from your partner.

Finding time for yourself shouldn’t be hard. The hardest part though is keeping yourself from getting bored or lonely. After all, you have something going on in our head. Otherwise, why are you clingy in the first place? If you’re able to distract yourself from these feelings, you’re good to go. This is all in the process of focusing on yourself. The better you can do this, the better you may feel about cling.

Spend more time with friends.

Hilariously, this is a great solution. Go cling to your friends instead of clinging to your partner. This is an immediate remedy that proves to keep you distracted long enough to realize you don’t have to be with your partner 24 hours a day.

Spend more time with friends and you’ll find yourself quickly healing from cling. In theory, friends are there for information exchange and giving you something to do. It’s these distractions that will help you in this situation. Keep having fun. You need it.

Get help managing anxiety.

I kid you not, social anxiety is a pain. So is generalized anxiety. You may need to seek help managing your anxiety if you’re too clingy for your own good. It’s a horrible situation knowing you need to be around your partner all of the time as this impedes you from living your own life.

Anxiety may go away on its own over time if you find the proper resources. But, it’s important to understand it’s not always that simple. Anxiety is complex, and comes in many shapes and sizes. Understanding how to get yourself out of this vicious anxious cling cycle comes with its own hills to climb.

How to Stop Being Clingy: Conclusion

As you can see, being clingy is a normal thing. I meet lots of people that are in this same situation with their partners. Or, their own partners are clinging onto them as hard as they can. There are also countless men and women that dread being left alone by their partners. It happens a lot more than you think.

Understanding how to stop being clingy is as simple as first recognizing the problem is there. Once it’s there, try to find ways to distract yourself. Seek out friends and find new hobbies. Find ways to manage anxiety, even if it means getting help from trusted family members, friends, or even the therapist. This is your life and you must take control of it.

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