Omicron United States: What is Going On?

Everyone around me is getting sick again.

I have a few friends that have caught the COVID 3 times. It has driven them insane each and every time. It’s a virus you don’t need.

I had a few friends and family members asking me about housing aid. After all, it’s hard to continue to pay your bills when you’re sick with COVID. At this time, if you are residing in California, you don’t qualify for housing assistance in the case you get sick. This is a decision that has been made for some time. This aid apparently was a temporary one.

It’s pretty unfortunate that you cannot get benefits when you’re sick. I mean, think about it. You’re sick with one of the most annoying, obstructive viruses and you’re not allowed to work for weeks at a time. Your only savior is to have paid sick leave. But, what about those that don’t? What are you going to do now?

How about those delivery drivers that decide to be their own boss? What if they get sick? Are they going to continue to endanger themselves and others by doing their job? Or are they going to sit at home, hoping that somebody pays the bills (not them)?

I noticed that everyone is going to get some money again sent to their bank accounts. You know, the covid payments. But It’s not an instant cure. In fact, where is the payment, anyways?

Oh, and gas prices have not helped. I’m happy to see that the gas prices went down (finally $ 4.99 in California, yay). It just sucks, you know.

I’m happy to know that the omicron variant isn’t as dangerous as the other ones. I also heard that it’s slightly more contagious, too. However, I don’t know if you can truly say it’s less dangerous when it keeps you away from work. That, itself, is pretty dangerous to me.

Stay safe out there. You never know who it’ll hit next. My father is sick with covid. And I know plenty of others that have been hit with it. And it’s not the first time.

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