Portable Projector Reviews

Remember the days of big, clunky projectors in the classroom setting? Those days are long gone. There are many solutions to choose from thanks to technological innovations. Prices range from $50 to $500 for a decent portable projector. We make it easy to choose a quality portable projector by bringing forward research and expertise. All projectors chosen to be shown here are Energy Star certified. All products that are certified under Energy Star help save money, keep emissions down, and protect the environment. Let’s get straight to it with our first choice.

Auking Mini Projector (17,370 happy customers) [4.3/5]

The Auking Mini is relatively cheap. Starting at $99.99, you get your bang for your buck. It doesn’t have to be expensive to have quality home theater solutions. Whether playing video games, movies, etc., this unit is a solid choice.

Specifications: – 55000 hours of playtime – Compatible w/ microSD, USB< VGA, HDMI, Smartphone – 1/4″ tripod slot below


– cheap – long life – tiny, easy to carry – Remote control – 10 second start-up


– Needs darker room – 800 x 400 resolution (not amazing) – Manual in asian language (no English).

Nebula Anker Capsule (5,321 happy customers)(4.5/5)

Specs: – 1.04 lbs. – 360 degrees speaker – Runs Android 7.1 – 4 Hours playtime – Contrast & Clarity Pros: – Standalone device – Connect wirelessly – Control w/ smartphone as mouse etc. – Compact and portable – Lightweight – Built-in speaker w/ option for Bluetooth speaker – Tripod stand capable – 3-4 hours of charge Cons: – Dark image – Difficult to focus image – Frustrating to use – No option to increase brightness – Sensor for remote behind projector (you have to get up)

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As we find more portable projectors that do their jobs effortlessly and efficiently, we’ll check them out. We will update this page with more products and changes in the near future.

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