The Best Suspension Brands For Cars

The Best Suspension Brands For Cars: Getting to Know The Players

The best suspension brands for cars out there — according to popular opinion, the best suspension brand for cars is Moog. But, I challenge you to read deeper between the facts and find out.

Thing is, when it comes to the best suspension brands for cars, results may vary. Some brands, for example, have bad lines and good lines. Others have worse lines but the best product for specific parts. 

Getting to understand the bets suspension brands for cars first requires due diligence in understanding just why some suspension brands are superior. Let’s make this simple.

The Best Suspension Brands For Cars: ACDelco

ACDelco is known for being an original equipment manufacturer and supplier for several car makes. These car makes include but are not limited to: Chevrolet, GMC, Buick, and Cadillac.

Their best series is the “Professional” series. Stay away from the advantage series, as it is cheaper and inferior in quality.

Interestingly, ACDelco doesn’t just make suspension parts. They also make other things like brake pads, air filters, batteries, spark plugs, etc. ACDelco is also known for their good serpentine belts (Gates is the manufacturer).

Of course, when it comes to suspension parts, ACDelco is known for reboxing the parts and not actually manufacturing them.

The Best Suspension Brands For Cars: MOOG

MOOG is a NASCAR partner and creates OEM quality parts.

Their best lineup is the “CK” or “K” series. Their worst series is the “R” series — being a discounted series on par with ACDelco’s advantage series (also discounted).

Moog is known for the best ball joints around — their design is excellent. For similar reasons, their control arm assemblies are beast.

The Best Suspension Brands For Cars: Sankei 555

Sankei 555 is a very popular OEM manufacturer that is known for manufacturing suspension and steering-related parts.

Sankei 555 manufactures for Toyota (Toyota owns 25% of the company). Sankei is known for making Toyota’s ball joints and it is confirmed.

Mevotech and Raybestos are said to also rebox Sankei 555 suspension parts.

Since this brand is a popular OEM manufacturer, they are regarded as a good brand that makes quality parts.

The Best Suspension Brands For Cars: Mevotech

For reasons mentioned above, a lot of suspension parts distributed by Mevotech and manufactured by Sankei 555.

Mevotech’s tie rod ends are superior, being cheaper than MOOG’s and outperforming OEM.

Nowadays, a lot of users of Mevotech say the quality is very good. In comparison, they say MOOG’s quality has been deteriorating over the years.

The Best Suspension Brands For Cars: Clear Winners

Every best suspension brand for cars has a winning line and a losing line. You generally want to stick with the professional-quality ones and stay away from the discounted, inferior yet cheaper ones. Price does pay in this case.

It is difficult to say which is the best suspension brands for cars, especially when there are some that swear by them and others that clearly hate them. I know some people that love MOOG and others that hate them. Others, on the other hand, buy nothing but Mevotech and have sworn by them. Lastly, I also know others that adore ACDelco — as long as we’re talking about the professional series.

So, considering I have to choose the winners:

1. MOOG for ball joints and control arm assemblies

2. Mevotech for tie rod ends

3. ACDelco for all of the above and also if you don’t have any other choice (or have had better luck with them than I have).

 ProfessionalDiscountedBest Known For
MoogProblem solver series (CK or K)R series (cheaper and inferior)Ball joints, Control arm assemblies
ACDelco“Professional” in name“Advantage” line
MevotechTie rod ends


Choose the best parts from a brand of your choosing. Don’t choose bad lines — I chose the “R” series 10 years ago by MOOG. During installation, the lower control arm bushing broke. Big mistake.

Do take into consideration the experiences others have had. But, be wary of following any one person’s advice — especially when they are die-yards of specific brands. Some swear by MOOG, others swear by ACDelco.

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