UberEats Drivers Abusing Prop 22 in California

Delivery drivers everywhere in California are feeling the heat as gas prices has sorn to higher heights than ever. Thanks to Prop 22, California drivers are paid much better than before.

There was an anonymous tip dropped in our email. Apparently, there are drivers out there abusing the system in order to get more pay under prop 22.

The act has been explained as follows:

  1. Pick up order offer on their app. These drivers 
  2. Optionally wait around. If the customer is using Ubereats, location is not shown. This is beneficial for the driver as location is not shown. As long as the app is force closed before driving location is tracked and monitored, there is no penalty to the driver. If the customer is ordering through postmates, the driver’s location is always shown. It seems in these cases drivers like to head to the restaurant, force close the driver app, and then proceed to wait around or run other errands.
  3. Deliver food when it feels right.  These drivers are said to be delivering whenever their threshold time has come up.
  4. Repeat process. As many times as they like without penalty from Uber.

What these drivers are doing may be seen as not fair. But, there is no valid way of distinguishing whether or not these drivers are waiting around or legitimately waiting for an order.

Tough call for Uber. Not all drivers working under this regime are caught. Lots of them are left to abuse the system as they like. Mind you, most Ubereats orders pay about $3 to $4 base. With California drivers making $18 an hour, half an hour of delivery time means $18 / 2  – $3 or $4 = anywhere from $6 to $5 extra per delivery. Plus, add that amount to the customer’s tip. 

They’re making bank and they are cheating the system. And it’s completely unverifiable. 

What do you think of what these Ubereats drivers are doing? Do you think it’s right? Let us know down below in the comments section.

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