UberEats Low Acceptance Rates Affect Work

Not looking good for UberEats drivers. UberEats low acceptance rates affect work for thousands of drivers.

Why is UberEats Punishing Drivers For Low Acceptance Ratings?

For years, drivers have been delivering for UberEats. Being one of the old school delivery apps out there, UberEats was known for not paying out much.

PostMates later was bought out by UberEats. This helped increase the amount of work for contract drivers and also proved to be a good move.

Earlier this year, it was discovered by many drivers that PostMates’s system of ”can’t see tip until after delivery” is coming back — but in a different form. Now, if you don’t have a specific acceptance rating, you will only be able to see how far of a drive you’ll be making. But that’s it.

So, it’s impossible to know now whether or not a delivery is worth the effort. Bad news for contract workers that are trying to pick good orders.

What Are The Benefits Of This New System?

This new system may benefit drivers by allowing them to stop stressing over picking small orders up. Ambiguity is key here. However, it doesn’t really help all that much in this area.

This new system, however, helps UberEats a lot. It also ensures more and more customers get their food. Before this system, low ballers and no-tip johns wouldn’t get their food on a timely fashion. Now, with this new system, there will be a better statistic in how often low ballers get their food on time.

Why This New System Sucks

If I’m not mistaken, UberEats made an announcement that you have to keep your acceptance percentages higher than 50% in order to continue seeing orders. If you keep it lower than this, you will be punished by not being able to see much information — no location information, nothing about the pay.

For those that like to sit around at a coffee shop, or related, cannot do so efficiently anymore. You cannot sit around to wait for good orders anymore. A big stab in the back by the same company that we have been supporting and giving life to.

I see a lot of drivers moving away from UberEats, as this new system is horrible for the drivers. However, this new system is great for the customers. As a result, it’s important to understand that whether or not this change is for the better or for the worse — that’s a tentative result, later to be discussed.

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