What are Arduino Libraries?

If you’ve coded in C++, Python, or any other programming language in the past, you’ve probably noticed there are built-in functions you can use.

In C++, you have the STD namespace, a wrapper for a whole list of classes and functions.

Also in C++, you import libraries by using #include. For example, #include <iostream>

Well, these libraries are nothing more than files with functions. When you include, or work with, a specific library, you bring in and include all of the functions contained within.

This is how you work with specialized functions. 

Arduino is no different.

Arduino has the following library categories at the bare minimum:

  • Communication
  • Data Processing
  • Data Storage
  • Device Control
  • Display
  • Other
  • Sensors
  • Signal Input/Output
  • Timing
  • Uncategorized

Within the above categories, Arduino made 2000+ libraries for you to use.

These libraries were made in order to ensure you have functions to use. If you’re looking for data storage related functions, look for a data storage library.

It’s that simple.

Also, don’t forget to include the library in your code!

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