Will Uber Eats Deliver Alcohol to me?

So, you’re craving some alcohol. Rest assured, you’re in the right place.

Will Uber Eats Deliver Alcohol?

The simple answer is, of course.

Where is the alcohol coming from?

The alcohol comes from one of a few places:

  • Bevmo, or any other retailer
  • A restaurant
  • A small liquor store
  • A convenience store such as Circle K

All you have to do is place the order and it’ll come to you.

Just don’t forget to tip your driver.

Is the alcohol more expensive ordering from Uber Eats?

Of course. Just about anything becomes more expensive when you’re ordering from a private company’s app.

People order out of convenience. They normally don’t do it to save money. Consumers that expect a good price usually are surprised to see about $10 more in expenses. This is excluding the tip, which you should tip your driver.

As you can see, it truthfully is more expensive to order from Uber Eats. If you’re trying to save money you are better off picking it up yourself.

How much alcohol can I order?

Honestly, as much as your wallet allows you. There is no right or wrong.

When I used to do UberEats, I had someone order 10 packages of beer. Definitely a lot. But, there is no ceiling limit.

Order how you want. That’s what the service is for, you know?

Just don’t forget to tip your driver!


Well, I guess I spoke too soon.

I suppose this is one of those “to be continued” moments, isn’t it?

How much Alcohol is Too Much Alcohol?

When I used to be a driver, I wouldn’t deliver to the same person too many times a week. So, it is safe to assume that if you’re ordering 10 times a day alcohol, there is a problem.

Just don’t let Uber think that you’re either giving alcohol to minors, endangering yourself, or endangering others. And I think you’ll be fine.

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