Wombo’s Dream: The Artistic AI

Ever You can create beautiful artwork using the power of AI. All you have to do is pack an art style and watch the app turn your idea into an AI-powered painting [1].

The app takes things a step further with its speed, quality, and accessibility [2]. You can get high-quality art the way you like it from an A.I. in minutes or at best in seconds. It’s nothing like going down the street to speak with a real artist. Dealing with the app is faster. Quality is consistent. And it is highly accessible via Android and iOS.

Curious who owns this app? Wombo’s Dream is owned by CEO Ben-Zion Benkhin. He says he got the idea for the app in August 2020. It’s not until recently the app has taken a turn on social media. I just heard about this app a few months ago, for example. The app isn’t viral yet. However, it’s slowly getting there.

Free apps are extremely trendy nowadays and this app is no exception. Wombo runs as a “freemium” service that pushes people to pay to sign up to get its full range of features [4]. This works surprisingly well compared to asking for a premium payment before the use of the app. This means the app is free, implying you or your inputs are the product. However, this is merely speculation.

Privacy is a trendy topic that everyone should be concerned about nowadays. Wombo stores data no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which the data are processed [6]. This means you don’t have to worry about potential privacy issues. The process is said to be anonymous, aggregate and separated from your identity. You can read more into their privacy policy as you wish.

Wondering about Wombo’s World security and if you should be concerned? There is only one security risk with the app: the app sends pictures to AWS for processing, as well as other additional informational exchanges [5]. This type of data may be stolen in the event of a cyberattack. Because of that, I would be extra careful about using your own photos as a base when using the app.

Interestingly, AI-generated art cannot be copyrighted. The U.S. Copright office (USCO) again rejected a copyright request for A.I. – generated work of art [7]. This became a huge blow for A.I. developers as it would be easy to generate lots of art. This is a big win for consumers that want to use the Wombo app for purposes that infringe copyrights.

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